About | As we grow Old


Singer songwriter Phil Ryan wrote the song one rainy Sunday afternoon. He’d sat down with his favourite guitar and a cup of tea. He’d been in a thoughtful mood. Phil’s relationship of ten years had sadly ended a few years previously. He hadn’t found love again. He was just hopeful that one day he would meet that extra special someone.

So there he was, on a rainy day, sat with his guitar thinking about how he missed loving someone and missed being loved. The chords just came together at the same time as the lyrics.  His mind was full of how it feels when one person truly commits themselves to another. The power and wonder of it all.

He felt the strong need to write about how love could be and should be. For him anyway. And that’s when ‘As we grow Old’ was born. He believes in every single word he wrote. We think you will too.

If you’d like to find out more about Phil please go to www.philryanmusic.co.uk

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